#IngressFS Zurich

March 3, 2018


On March 3, 2018 we will host an Ingress First Saturday in Zurich, Switzerland. The event is organized by the same people, who also brought Mission Day Zurich to you. On this page you find all the information you need.


When? What?
13:00 Checkin opens
Brasserie Federal
14:00Checkin closes
Brasserie Federal
14:15 Group Photo
14:30 Start Level-up Bootcamp
Zurich City
16:30 End Level-up Bootcamp
Zurich City
16:30 Checkout opens
Brasserie Federal
17:00 Checkout closes
Brasserie Federal
17:30 Presentation cermony FS
Brasserie Federal
18:00 - 00:00 Dinner & Presentation cermony Swiss Ingress award
Gemeinschaftszentrum Buchegg

Check-in / Check-out

Check-in and Check-out are both at the Brasserie Federal, located inside Zurich mainstation. There you can get in touch with an agent who wears a red Score-Keeper badge.

Level-up Bootcamp

Goal of the Level-Up Bootcamp (LUBC) is to get as much levels, APs and kilometers (for the Trekker medal) as possible as a faction. During the check-in the current agent’s level, APs, Trekker kilometers and some secret stats are registered.

Every agent is kindly requested to not gather any AP until the LUBC starts as that would be not fair to agents that check-in later. As soon as the LUBC starts every agent may capture, destroy or link portals, do missions - whatever they like to do.

As soon as the LUBC ends, every agent needs to stop playing and go to the check-out to register their current stats. The agents do not need to be present, when the check-out opens. But as it closes half an hour afterwards, every agent is asked to be there as soon as possible.

Portal Mods

Please do not deploy any shields or zappers (Force Amps and Turrets) during the event.

Cooperation with the Swiss Ingress Award

In February the Swiss Ingress Award will take place. After the FS you have the possibility to join to the presentation cermony and dinner. Learn more on the website of the Swiss Ingress Award. The Ingress Award and the FS are coordinated with each other. It is possible to participate in both events.